Last Wednesday, we met over 40 of our current investors and supporters for a few beverages and a look at our new branding. The event was an opportunity to demonstrate the progress we’ve made so far and look ahead to what’s next for VARIO.

Our Founder and CEO, Jason Pigeon, summed up our progress: “Over the past eight months, we have successfully built out our Vancouver data centre and have proved the VARIO model. We are proud to be successfully mining various high-potential digital currencies, switching between the most advantageous coins as we go. We have also re-branded, developed our visual identity, and launched our website. Our team has grown as well, and we’ve added significant expertise to our Advisory Board. These folks will ensure we do the right things right. Whether it is financial, technical, or environmental decisions, we want the best people on our team so that we are setting VARIO up for sustainability and future growth.”

Mr. Pigeon also announced the next step in our growth, an equity crowdfunding campaign on FrontFundr.

“Tonight is an important night to thank those people who have already invested and introduce the crowdfunding campaign we will launch on FrontFundr, further building our community of advocates and providing the capital needed for our next stage of growth.”

Our crowdfunding campaign is planned to launch in the fall. By using FrontFundr’s accessible platform, we’re enabling all Canadians to access the blockchain economy. To learn more about the opportunity and reserve your shares, check out our coming soon page on FrontFundr.

A big thank you to everyone who attended the event and we’ll keep you updated on where the next one will be!